Many people need affordable housing options in Orange County.

Our goal is to provide a solution.

The Orange County Housing Trust (OCHT) helps fund public and private-sector projects that provide affordable housing for Orange County’s workforce.

Orange County housing is some of the most expensive in the nation. As a result, many low- and moderate-income workers in the county struggle to find safe, affordable places to live. They include our teachers, police and fire personnel, healthcare workers, bus drivers, gardeners, food and tourist industry workers, and manufacturing and entry-level workers — thousands of workers who strengthen Orange County’s well-being and cultural vitality.

The nonprofit Orange County Housing Trust (OCHT) plays a key part in the regional solution to the growing demand for affordable housing options. With the support of private investors, governments, major corporations and foundations, and community leaders, we make loans that enable public and private sector projects to preserve, rehabilitate, and build affordable workforce housing and raise funds for down payment assistance to encourage home ownership.